This website is here to present the story of Bobos to any and all who would be interested to hear it.

Who is Bobos?

Well if you’ve made it here, you likely know who Bobos is.

But if not, let’s get you up to speed!

Bobos is a legendary warrior for the Alliance, a human fighter whose destiny was set into motion many years ago, whose potential began to be realized in battle against the Horde, most especially among the snow and ice of Alterac Valley where his dear friend Balinda Stonehearth captains a defense force.  In almost 20000 battles overall, he has achieved a win rate of almost 70% percent; in Alterac Valley alone he has almost 8500 victories stretching over 11500 battles: a staggering 76% win rate!

But there is more to Bobos than that. Bobos is the Defender of Alterac Valley, the shield that protects Dun Baldar as the rest of the Alliance forces reap glory in their push towards Frostwolf.  He is a giant of a man who has survived horrible circumstances and events to take up and embrace the role that fate and the gods of Azeroth have chosen for him: to be a force for good in the world.  From humble beginnings, Bobos has risen to become a key player for the Alliance as a friend to kings queens, soldiers and citizens.

This is his story.

So who are you?

I am Mistwidget, gnome monk, member of the Stormpike Militia, and aspiring reporter for the Ironforge Gazette.  I met Bobos several years ago when he was re-assigned by King Varian Wrynn himself to work with the Militia in their efforts to disrupt the Horde in Alterac Valley.   We’ve fought side by side in many battles, and as I’ve gotten to know him I’ve begun to learn the story of Bobos – who he is, where he came from.

And so I thought I would lend whatever talents I have in bringing that story my readers.

I hope you all will enjoy this collaborative effort as it unfolds