Author: AnvilMist65

Important Public Safety Announcement!

Bobos, the beloved madman of Madoran, has had his account closed by Blizzard because too many people apparently don’t either like what he says or how he says it. As he is a WoW cultural icon, we have started a petition to help get him unbanned! Perhaps a long shot, but in the spirit of Bobos we never give up! Lend you sword, shield, and spells to sign the petition now at:


Chapters 7 and 8: Ready to Go!

The battle had been long and fierce in Alterac Valley, but between charges across frozen patches of ground and the back and forth of taking tower and reclaiming bunkers, Mistwidget was able to tease enough information from the gruff warrior Bobos to continue his tale…

Chapter 7

Chapter 8


Chapter 3: Now Added

The weather in Alterac Valley is rarely pleasant, but recently the driving winds and blinding snow have been in abundance and all but the most crucial of operations have ceased.  And so it is that Bobos has been able to, for a brief time, put down his shield and sword and enjoy a hot meal and a tankard of spiced ale.  Temporarily freed from his battleground responsibilities, I, his self-appointed chronicler, was able to track him down and learn more of his tale…

Chapter 3